Tuesday, July 7, 2015

black butte (june 2015)

ben and i recently spent almost a week in central oregon at black butte ranch.
we normally stay with friends and family, but this year it was just to the two of us.
i so loved our lazy mornings, no set plans, and BBQ dinners at 9pm.

this year we did a little bit of everything. hiked, biked, golfed, picnicked, swam, 
floated the river, played cribbage, read books... it was such a refreshing vacation!

here is the photo documentation of one of our evening bike rides...

paulina springs

ben waiting patiently on his bike while i take pictures :)

the boardwalk

the meadow

black butte

best travel buddy ever!

long shadows

the general store

the stables

fly fishers on phalarope lake


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