favorites noted with a star*

sweet treats

miscellaneous desserts
mint oreo pops
homemade poptarts
blackberries financiers
broiled pineapple sundaes*
s'more pops*
blueberry pavlova*
strawberry shortcake
caramel almond chocolate matzo*
lightened up lemon bars*
bon bons
honey lemon custard*
berry yogurt popsicles
vanilla roasted pears
s'more rice krispy treats
peanut butter cup blondies*
cranberry shortbread*
apple mosaic tart*
gooey snickerdoodle squares*
salted brown butter rice crispy treats*
vanilla bean ice cream sandwhiches
gingered peaches and cream*
strawberry shortcake*

main dishes

comfort food
chicken pot pie
chicken & dumplings*
macaroni & cheese

chicken enchilada casserole
enchilada pie
slow cooker chipotle pork*
chicken enchiladas
cilantro lime chiken tacos
mediterranean lamb tostadas*

pasta, vaggie, etc.
make-ahead lasagna
bacon & butternut squash pasta bake
cauliflower macaroni bake
creamy spring pasta*
penne puttanesca
sun-dried tomato, basil, pinenut pasta*
zucchini tomato pasta*
baked veggie orzo*
three cheese lasagna
broccoli cream pesto
roasted cauliflower pasta
homemade gnocchi, part 1
butternut squash veggie bake

meaty pizza
4 styles of pizza
best pizza yet*

slow cooker
pot roast
slow cooker chipotle pork
pulled pork sandwiches*

chicken dishes
chicken pot pie
appetizers & sides


savory breakfasts
good morning quiche


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