Thursday, October 1, 2015

an afternoon stroll through Eze

let me tell you a little story about Eze. first of all, both ben and i are pretty type A (if you hadn't noticed) and so there was a ton of research that went into planning a trip to europe. don't get me wrong - we definitely winged it sometimes, but we had most of days mapped out (yes, we even had some dinner reservations, LOL!) we had heard great things about Eze, but it is so small that we decided we'd just show up and wing it for the afternoon. we did a day trip from nice, spent the morning in monaco, and then stopped in Eze on the way home. i figured we'd get a coffee or an afternoon snack and be on our way. 

we arrive in Eze and see a grand total of two other people at the train station - obviously we had beat the crowds! i wasn't totally sure where to go, so we just started walking. of course it was the hottest day of our trip and we had already covered every square inch of monaco on foot - so we were pretty tuckered out. there was a path of stairs that climbed strait up - through gorgeous neighborhoods, pictured below. we saw charming villas, little school houses, and ridiculous views. when we decided we were technically lost and were going to give up on finding the town center, we ascended the little hill and trekked back to the train station.

it was then that we saw a map (hello), a tourist information booth, and a bus that transports you to Eze city center, almost an hour away. LOL! really good planning on my part :) ben didn't let me live this down the whole rest of our trip! the silver living? an afternoon stroll in a gorgeous little village off the beaten path. now who can have regrets about that??? :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this nice pictures with us. I am really happy to see this.


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