Thursday, December 29, 2011

peppermint bark!

as i was putting away my christmas decorations, i was saddened by the thought of 20 candy canes going to waste. so i decided to make some slightly belated peppermint bark. this receipe is crazy easy - like 10 minutes start to finish. you should make some too!

just follow these easy steps:

1. unwrap all your candy canes. (i unwrapped all the ones i had,
but probably only needed about 5 to make one batch of peppermint bark)

2. put candy canes in a sturdy ziplock back

3. crush up the candy canes until no large peices remain.
(i found that the back of an ice cream scooper worked perfect for this!)

4. pour out the contents of your plastic bag into a strainer,
letting the smallest little peices fall into a bowl.
(we are going to mix these into the chocolate mixture, so keep them seperate)

5. pour one package white chocolate chips (i used nestle) into a microwave safe bowl.
heat in the microwave for about 1 minute, stir, and then 10-20 more seconds or until it's stirs smooth. mix in the small peppermint dust and peices you collected in your small bowl.

6. cover a baking sheet with was paper, and spread your mixture to the thickness you desire.
sprinkle the top with the larger candy cane chucks and press them in slightly to be sure they stay put.

 7. let the tray cool for about an hour and then break into little peices for serving!  

so easy and so delicious! would be a great treat to wrap up for a friend!



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