Wednesday, December 21, 2011


i love maps! i can look at them for hours. old ones, news ones, vintage ones. i love recoutning the stories from all the places i've been, and dreaming of all the places i'll go. what a better inspiration for decoration?? i just LOVE these ideas...

charming way to showcase some of your favorite places. (thank you martha stewart!)
would be great in an office or as a theme for a quest bedroom.
as you can see here, it would be easy to plot out a whole trip with red string. perfection!

love this tablecloth idea from martha stewart.
perfect and cheap way to brighten up a breakfast nook!

seeing this collection of globes over on love of interiors made me want a house! i would love to start collecting old vintage globes of all styles, shapes and sizes, and line a top shelf with them!

also, if you're in seattle, you'd love a fantastic map store called metskers maps by pike place market. LOVE!

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