Friday, January 6, 2012

rainy day faves

it's raining in seattle... nothing new :)

i just wanted to share my top ten favorite things
that make those rainy days a bit more bearable.

hopefully these brighten your day! :)

1. capri blue volcano candle from anthropologie.
the scent of this candle is just to die for.
not too strong, but light and delicious.
this is a mood-changer... guaranteed!

2. rainboots in any color (although i'm loving yellow at the moment)
they just make trekking through the elements so much more enjoyable!
buy yourself a pair or two. you'll have them forever.

3. the best lip gloss on the market.
sure, there are fancier brands and more expensive concoctions...
i swear nothing beats the co. bigelow brand you can buy at bath and body works
it's super glossy and MINTY to beat.
it gives you fresh breath and shine in just one swipe.
bonus: try the new tinted versions for more color

4. covers you love!
there is something about getting into bed at the end of a long cold day...
your bed needs to be a happy place :)
to make this happen, i recommend buying comfy sheets
(i actually switch to flannel in the wintertime),
pillows and covers that are cute (mine are paisley from pottery barn)
AND, buy a cozy throw for your couch and bed to snuggle up with

5. lulus.
if you're not from the northwest, or haven't gotten your booty in a pair
of lululemon athletic pants you are seriously missing some goodness in your life.
first of all (as mentioned in an earlier post) putting them on will
automatically make you want to work out. they're that amazing :)
they're great for lounging, working out, or running errands.
must have for women (and men!) of all ages.

6. cute mugs
nothing is better on a rainy morning, afternoon or evening
than sipping your coffee, tea, spiced cider, or hot toddie in a cute mug.
get some like these from anthropologie
and get enough for all your guests :)

7. fresh flowers.
i prefer white flowers... but that's just me :)
get them every once in a while to brighten up your room or kitchen.
(especially if you're entertaining)

you don't even need to buy a whole bunch...
i currently have one long-stemmed white rose in a vase on my desk at home. it's perfect.

8. a kindle!
i think every person in my family got one of these for christmas.
what a great day to beat the rainy day blues.... reading a good book!
i'm currently reading outliers by malcolm gladwell

9. slippers!
you can never have too many pairs of slippers.
i recommend having one indoor pair and one outdoor pair that are a bit more sturdy.
i love a good moccasin look - like these UGG ones.
my bf lives in these!

10. some good music!
i don't know about you, but i love music!
i love that there seems to be perfect music for any mood you're in...
my current rainy day fave is my mumford and sons pandora station.
take a listen :)



  1. I just wanted to point out that no one is better than you to judge the perfect lip gloss!!

  2. ahh! i love lip gloss! i can't help it. so important! :)


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