Wednesday, March 25, 2015

why i love pure barre!

those of you that know me know i've been obsessed with pure barre for some time.
and let's be honest - i love hearing about people's favorite workout routines 
and what is or isn't working for them.

i admit, barre isn't the perfect workout for everybody.
i have friends that think it's too slow,
maybe want or need more cardio,
or simply don't understand the concept of tucking your hips
and toning the smallest little muscles all over your body.

i'm ALL IN on pure barre.
and today i'm going to share WHY.

first of all, if you're not sure what the barre workout is click here to see a little preview.

1. the studios are clean, simple and convenient
there are barre studios all over seattle - udistrict, greenlake, queen anne, the eastside, 
and they have classes running 6am until 8pm most evenings. 
their facilities are nice, clean, simple and always have the friendliest community of women.

2. i book my workout online
not only can i book my workout online, you actually have to book it in advance. 
for me, this makes me get a workout on my calendar. 
let's be honest - it's hard to get to the gym. but when you have to book it in advance, 
and have a set time on your calendar, it's easier to plan for and make it happen. 

you can change your classes around as frequently as you want, 
as long as you don't cancel within 4 hours of class time. 
if you do - there is a late cancel charge of $15. how's that for motivation? 
any time i'm feeling super lazy or tired last minute, 
all i can think about is how i have to PAY money to not show up. 
best motivation, people!

3. the classes are full of women
we've all been to the gym where their are stinky old men, 
women that look like men, people grunting and dripping sweat everywhere, 
not to mention the creepers who won't stop staring at you!

i LOVE that barre is created for woman, taught by women, 
and the classes are full of women. sure - there is an occasional boy or two, 
but for the 2+ years i've been going, i've probably seen less than 10 guys total. 

4. i don't get super sweaty
i'm pretty lazy when it comes to showering and washing my hair.
and working out is hard if you also have to factor in all of that after your workout.
truth be told - i love that i don't get SUPER sweaty. 
sure - i get warm, and sometimes my face is 'glistening', but i'm never dripping sweat. 
for me, this means i can get home, rinse off quickly, 
use some dry shampoo and meet friends for drinks. 
this has really been a deal maker in terms of fitting a workout into my daily routine!

5. i get an amazing workout
(this should probably be listed as the first reason i love barre!)
in my opinion, this is the most amazing full body workout around. i really feel that way.
there are parts of my body that have never felt so strong in my entire life.
my body has literally changed shape before my eyes in just weeks of taking classes.

6. the longer you go the harder it gets
this is one of the only workouts that gets harder the more you attend.
any other workout regimen i've gotten into has usually become easier with time...
if i run greenlake 3 times a week, i can start to do it without losing my breath. 
it doesn't mean these other methods aren't good workouts, 
but what i love about barre is that even when i'm going 4 times per week, 
i show up and get my butt kicked every single time!

7. time flies
am i the only one that judges workout classes by how good the playlist is?
pure barre has this magical way of turning up some good music, 
distracting you with a good beat, and suddenly you're half-way through class without even noticing.

8. i'm convinced it's boosted my resting metabolism
as i've built more and more muscle in my body through barre,
i'm convinced that my body is burning more calories even when i'm sitting doing nothing.

9. the instructors
not only are the instructors all super nice, 
make you feel awesome about your workout, and push you to the max, 
but they also all have rocking bods! 
they are all healthy, strong, beautiful women inside and out.

10. it's an investment
i'll admit - barre isn't cheap. 
you can buy monthly unlimited packages, or punch cards, 
but bottom line is that it's an investment in your body and your health. 
every time i find myself skimping on the things that make me the healthiest in life
 i think about the ROI on the spend. (yes, i was a business major!)
let me just say this: investing in your health is worth every penny,
especially if you find a workout that you love!

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