Wednesday, August 5, 2015

life lately

summer nights at greenlake

'WAP' (wine at the park)

fresh berries at a pop-up market in black butte

wanted every single thing on the menu.

brother/sister love

relay for life in bellingham

RGB float. heaven in my mouth.

drinks at good bar

"international friendly"
yes we are wearing matching shirts
yes it's a manchester united jersey

scrabble is a serious game in our house.
if you can believe it.... we TIED!

iced coffees on the rooftop of terra plata

dinner party view

my fave spot in the grocery store... the mini cheese bins!

harry connick jr concert at chateau st michelle

this picture needs no explanation.

my hot date. and a ridiculously good slice of 
salted peanut butter chocolate cake from deru market

1 comment:

  1. I love this slice of your life!!! I laughed at some of your scrabble words and your things you do for love hashtag! So funny!


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