Wednesday, September 16, 2015

breakfast at laduree

our third day in paris, we decided to start at the top of the champs-elysees, and work 
our way towards the tuileries garden. we had been waking up so early due to the time change, 
we started almost every day as the only ones walking through the streets of paris. 
this morning was particularly quiet, as it was overcast and the ground was wet from 
rain the night before. i had never seen the champs with so few people!!! 
it must have been 7 or 8am because nowhere was even open for a coffee! 

we had just decided to window shop for a while until the street became more lively, 
when we stumbled upon the flagship laduree - which of course, was open for breakfast. 
it was at the point i decided i had hit the vacation lottery! :)

for those of you who aren't familiar with laduree, they are a french pastry shop with 
the most delicious and delicate pastries, have the most charming marketing and branding, 
AND were made famous by their macarons.

the ground floor had an enormous pastry case, along with a buffet style brunch, 
while upstairs had room after room of charming little nooks for people to nosh on their 
pastries and morning coffees. we quickly ordered our coffees and a variety of pastries, 
and of course, didn't take off before carefully selecting a to-go box of macarons.

one of my most favorite memories from our trip!

ignore how blurry this picture is and just focus on how happy my heart is!

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