Thursday, June 4, 2015

israel recap, june 2013

2 years ago this week i had the opportunity to travel to israel.
my dear friend (and the most amazing travel partner) and i stayed 
with one of her friends in tel aviv. we used that city as our home base and 
took day trips to jerusalem, the dead sea, the sea of galilee and golan heights.

words do not do this place justice. 
it was one of my favorite places i've ever traveled.

here is a little glimpse into our trip...

the markets in tel aviv

beach day

old jaffa

walking the waterfront

tel aviv at night

clock tower square, old jaffa

jerusalem, the old city
damascus gate

near jaffa gate

the upper room, where the last supper was

mount of olives in the distance

view from the top of a city wall

birds eye view of the western/wailing wall

little prayer papers stuck in the wailing wall

walking the stations of the cross

israeli mcdonalds

the porch at our place

el-jazzar mosque, akko

keeping hydrated!

a little home we found that serves dinner

mount of the beattitudes

wine tasting in the golan heights

we made it!

wading in

very salty. very floaty.
truly a once in a lifetime experience!

back in tel aviv

audra and emily at brunch

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