Wednesday, June 24, 2015

life lately

picture perfect peony. grown in my mother-in-law's garden

watching a friend's volleyball tournament on alki beach

finally making our way to woodinville whiskey

a beautiful day for a walk in seward park

 trying out the new gnocci bar on capital hill

people watching one afternoon at gasworks park

selfies in front of the hollywood schoolhouse

the famous lemon lime tart at mustard's grill in napa

bright juices at whole foods

our almost daily walks around greenlake

picture perfect night at the mariner's game with friends

an 'oopsies' moment

trimming up some carrots for a dinner party

rooftop picnics

rose display at bottlehouse

certificate of radiation completion. so proud of my momma!

wine tasting for the afternoon in woodinville

1 comment:

  1. Are you kidding me with that rooftop picnic??? Could that be any more gorgeous?? And I'm confused about the certificate, did she have radiation done on her or now she is a radiologist?


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