Wednesday, July 25, 2012

glowing green smoothie

last night i sat on the couch, ate ice cream,
watched my new TV obsession on my roku,
and then went to bed at 9:30pm.

i know. you probably want to be juuust like me when you grow up. ha!

good thing i'm on day three of the glowing green smoothie
(made famous by the lovely kimberly snyder)

it's honestly a pretty awesome smoothie.
and you'll feel so great about yourself after drinking this,
you'll feel like that ice cream was just scratched from your record :)


1 ½  cups of filtered or spring water
1 head chopped organic Romaine lettuce
8 cups of organic spinach
3 stalks organic celery
1 organic apple, cored and chopped
1 organic pear, cored and chopped
1 organic banana
Juice of ½ organic lemon

{recipe via kimberly snyder}

½ bunch of organic cilantro (with stems)
1/3 bunch of organic parsley (with stems)

 add water, chopped lettuce, and chopped spinach to the blender.
 turn the blender on a slow speed and mix until smooth.
 gradually increase blender speed as you add the celery,
apple, and pear one item at a time.
 if you are using cilantro and/or parsley, add it next with the
 blender still running.
 last, add the banana and lemon juice.

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