Friday, April 27, 2012

a little story about a kite...

as promised here,
i wanted to tell you a little story about a kite that could.

about a year and a half ago i got the amazing opportunity
to travel to phnom penh, cambodia with city church.

it was life-changing.

i got to meet kids like this...

and see crazy things like this...

(yes, just an elephant casually walking down the street)

anyway, while strolling along the waterfront on one of our last nights

we came across a kite stand...
and honestly, we just couldn't resist. 

so, about 50 cents later, we all had kites to bring home to america.

why we thought this was a good idea, i don't exactly remember,
but trust me when i said the love we had for those kites was grand.

(this is my dear friend rachel. she named hers 'tuck')
(she also bought such a large kite that it was hard to get through security. LOL)

my little cambodian mermaid kite has been sitting on my desk for 1.5 years
just waiting (and likely YEARNING) to be flown.

so, when a sunny and windy sunday presented itself, like it did this past weekend,
i jumped on the opportunity to see if this little guy could actually fly.

i was skeptical.

but, sure enough... IT FLIES!

and that, my friends, is a springtime miracle in seattle.

and it totally made my weekend.

thanks for reading. happy friday! :)


  1. I love the pic of the elephant!!! That must have been an amazing trip!

  2. do elephants get to use the carpool lane?

  3. This is great!!! My kite is still in the same spot I left it when I unpacked it :/ Glad you flew yours finally...Wish you had used the pic of the baby that pee'd on you ;)

    1. LOL! totally! that is another story for another day :)

      you should fly yours soon!!! and report back to me with details! :)

  4. what a lovely blog-great photos! I loved Cambodia-a wonderful place

    1. thanks robyn :) i appreciate you stopping by :)


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