Saturday, June 23, 2012

make-shift spritzer

a classy girl is never desperate.
but as we move into summer party hosting,
it's always good to have a back up cocktail on hand.

here is what i'm calling a 'make-shift spritzer'
adapted from bon appetit

(all of which i'm hoping you already have in your kitchen, like i do)
1 tablespoon raw sugar
3/4 cup seedless berry jam
(i used raspberry)
4 cups soda water
2 cups vodka (plain or lemon)
(i used lemon)


1. combine sugar and 1 tablespoon hot water in the bottom of a pitcher.
stir to dissolve.

2. add jam, stirring with a wooden spoon

3. add soda and vodka

4. fill tumblers with ice, fill to the top.
serve with a lemon twist if desired :)


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