Monday, February 20, 2012

iced coffee perfection

confession: i drink too much coffee.
and i la-la-LOVE iced coffee.
it's a shame seattle is so cold, otherwise this would be a daily treat.
good thing there are seat-heaters, scarves, mittens, and automatic fireplaces
that help me enjoy iced coffee even on a blustery february morning :)

this week i was inspired by the pioneer woman to make a
pitcher of homemade iced coffee to keep me company. PERF.



1. put 2 cups of your favorite ground coffee into a large bowl or container
add 12 cups of cold water

2. cover and let steep for 8+ hours
(i left mine overnight)

3. strain coffee through a coffee filter into another large bowl

4. pour into pitcher

5. enjoy over ice with milk and splenda. YUM!

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