Wednesday, February 8, 2012

valentine top ten

top ten things you probably need for valentine's day:

1. a great manicure in the right color
like any red/pink/coral from essie

2. goodies for you or someone you love
dylan's candy bar is the obvious choice
great treats that can be delivered anywhere

3. holiday appropriate kitchen accessories
these measuring cups and spoons from papersource are genius
and this level of cuteness can transcend any season

4. a t-shirt that professes your love
thank you zazzle!

5. mugs with love
thank you starbucks & crate and barrel for these gems.
i mean, come on. coffee is the most important meal of the day!

6. cute ways to show you care
i love these cute hug tickets and
notepad 'for the one i love' from papersource,
all to express yourself to the one you love!

7. a cute new clutch in a spring color.
hobo @ nordstrom. duh.

8. grown up wardrobe with hearts
black & white with hearts all over?
and heart patches on elbows & knees?
thank you asos!

and this heart skirt from jcrew? yes please!

9. a gift for the person who has everything.
who wouldn't want this crazy awesome headset for their iphone?
i mean, seriously. i still sometimes wish i had a home phone!
urban outfitters has you covered :)

10. cute cards.
send one to everyone you love.
let papyrus help!

love you all!



  1. Wow lovely post!

  2. too cute. i'm obsessed with that jcrew skirt. there's a matching top... going nuts over here..


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