Monday, February 27, 2012

oscar recap.

michelle williams & natalie portman in red.
love both of their looks for totally different reasons.
first of all, red is classic.
i love the quirky twist of michelle's dress with all the details...
from the pink clutch, to the little ruffles, and the bow.
natalie is just downright classy.
polkadots done right :)

yes, i know gwen got a lot of flak for her cape,
but let's be honest - she looked GREAT. 

yes, i know claire's dress is a bit over the top,
but that's what i love about it.
it's pink, it's flirty, it's got ruffles and polkadots. LOVE!

and although i wasn't wild about jlo's first dress, i did like her second look. wow.
i don't only wish i could look like her when i'm 40, i wish i could look like her NOW.

i'm a sucker for the beckhams.
they are the definition of fierce.

okay, yes, angie's leg looked creepy, but i do love the dress.
just wish maybe beyonce was wearing it instead ;)

and anna faris...she's a bit obsure, but i actually like the dress.

emma... one of my favorites. oh my word!
gorgeous color, love the bow, it falls perfectly.
so couture. love it!

glenn close gets the best over 50 look.
she looks FANTASTIC!
normally i wouldn't love a look with a jacket, but man...
this color, the shape, everything makes her look stunning.

octavia looks great. love this dress. she is gorgeous!

okay stacy.... really?
you look TOO beautiful.
yes, that's possible.
i want this hair.
& your bod.

all pix courtesy of yahoo.


  1. I really like Jlo's look! And I agree, Angie's leg looked really weird just sticking out like that.. Maybe it's because I'm team Jen Aniston though


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