Sunday, May 6, 2012

mother's day gift guide

in honor of mother's day i wanted to share two things with you:
1. advice from my mom for the special day, and
2. a gift guide for your mother's this may.

i hope you sufficiently enjoy both :)

first, a little something from mom...

my best ever mother's day was when you and your bother
were both very little (i'm thinking 6 & 4 years old)

usually the dad races around getting things so the kids can 'give' their mom presents. 
i remember thinking that it would be an interesting mother's day
since there wasn't any dad around to do that. 

it turned out to be my best mother's day ever.

you kids made me coffee and pancakes and served me them while I waited in bed. 
then you both started bringing me your gifts,
starting with whatever you had made in school for mother's day
and then you both had drawn some pictures. well it went on and on...
while I stayed in bed you guys both just kept running out of the room to color me more presents.
I seriously had at least a dozen works of art from each of you, blanketing the entire bed. 
you both were determined to make it a special day for me
and knew you were on your own to get that put together. 
success - it was awesome. 

i think the lesson for mother's day is that the gift itself isn't very important
but more that it comes from the child's heart. 

as kids get older, I love cards that are carefully selected
my favorite from you is still on my desk, it says:
"you know, even if you weren't my mom, I would go out of my way to be friends with you"

favorite from Bradley was when he was in second grade,
he made a picture of him with a dinosaur and he wrote:
 "my love for you will never become extinct"

WOW. okay, i don't know that these 10 gifts ideas below will top that, but you can try :)

1. glassy baby candles
perfect for any room of the house.
(could be a new tradition to get her one to add to her collection for every holiday!)

2. a cute summery tote.
perfect for the mom on the go.
(thank you nordstrom)

3. a classy watch.
i'm loving these new kate spade watch bangles!

4. 'i think you are wonderful' bath sets by philosophy.
available at sephora.

5. a great new scarf.
tons of choices at nordstrom

6. adorable kitchen accessories.

 7. colorful pots
to decorate the front porch

8. a cute coach wristlet.
perfect for the walk around greenlake,
the quick errand, or just to keep organized inside another purse!
available at macys.

9. summery entertaining accessories.
if your mom is anything like mine,
she knows how to host a good party.
get her something that will make her summer parties a hit.
these ice cream cone cups are from west elm.

10. flowers. duh.
i prefer peonies :)

(picture via)

now, to be totally honest, i do have to confess that i left my #1 top favorite gift off the list.
because that, of course, is going to my mom, and she can't know what it is for another week! :)

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