Friday, September 28, 2012

kickin boot

as mentioned here, i have a new favorite place.
it's called kickin boot and it was recommended to me
by my bff and her husband for dinner last saturday night.

it's located just off the main drag in ballard,
but i promise you, you'll feel like you're in the deep south :)

tip: plan to go about an hour before you want to sit down to eat.
hang out in the bar and scout out a bar table for some drinks and an appetizer or two.
it took us about an hour to get a table for 6, but this place doesn't slow down.
so best just go and wait it out :)

each table was graced with 5 different kinds of BBQ sauce
(yes i tried them all) :)

there wasn't one thing on the menu i didn't want to try.

we had fried green tomatoes, a BBQ trio, and kickin' shrimp as appetizers.
and we all got some variation of BBQ chicken, pork, or brisket 
for dinner with our choice of the most amazing sides.

did i mention they serve AMAZING cocktails?

hello. you guys must try this place out ASAP!

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