Tuesday, September 18, 2012

st. germain grapefruit cocktail

one night after i had been moving boxes all day,
i decided to go grab a quick bite to eat and 
some drinks at one of my go-to spots, the hi life.

i sat at the bar, and wanted to reward myself after a long day's work.
so i'm looking at the specialty cocktail list, 
and this st. germain cocktail jumps out at me.
it mostly caught my eye because it was a drink 'to share' (i.e. enough for two people)
i immediately had a better idea, and decided i would keep it all to myself :)

it was super refreshing and DELICIOUS! 
so i recreated it at home the following evening :)

the only special ingredient you'll need is st. germain,
which i actually already had on hand from my blueberry smash.

2 parts champagne or sparkling wine
1.5 parts st. germain
2 parts club soda
1.5 part grapefruit juice


1. stir all ingredients together, serve over ice

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