Saturday, September 22, 2012

cupcake royale

i live about 4 blocks from the ballard cupcake royale.
now, i have to be honest. i used to consider myself a cupcake connoisseur.
and after taste testing nearly every shop in the city,
i had decided that trophy was my very favorite.

but, due to location, i decided to give cupcake royale another chance.
(especially now that they're serving ice cream!)

you know how i feel about cake pops!
these were not my fave. i'm a sucker for home-made!
but they were adorable :)

but, hello, this pumpkin spice cupcake was delightful!

can't decide which ice cream flavor to choose? 
try a flight! genius!

i got salted caramel and red velvet.
both were AMAZING!

happy saturday! :)

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