Wednesday, January 11, 2012

brave horse tavern.

okay, yes, i frequent a lot of tom douglas restaurants. i can't help it! they never get old! :)

this week, i got to celebrate two major life events in one evening....

1. mr luke steere's 30th birthday. love it!
2. luke and marcy's engagement. HELLO! love it even more :)

so... to brave horse tavern we went!

(picture courtesy of seattle eater)

this super casual, pub style restaurant is located on south lake union at 310 terry ave north.

it's community style seating, so you'll have to squeeze in at any open table, and it's ALWAYS super busy. great atmosphere, fantastic comfort foods, and there's darts and shuffle board to boot!

recommendation: get there before about 8pm on the weekends,
there will be a line outside the door, so that they don't max out capacity.
AND, plan ahead for large parties, they don't take reservations, so maybe arrive at like 6pm.

things that you must enjoy:

brick over pretzels with all the dipping sauces,
like beer~cheddar fondue and smoked peanut butter and bacon

the best sweet potato fries!

onion rings

gooey chocolate chip cookies

and yes, they sell jello shots. LOL!

this place is a must. check it out this friday night. might just change your life.


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