Friday, January 27, 2012

top ten beauty faves

i wouldn't call myself cheap,
i just like to spend my money in very particular ways.
example: i love spending money on experiences (football games, concerts, trips, etc)
but don't regularly splurge on designer jeans, jewelry or shoes.

with that said, here are my favorite beauty products...
some are cheap and some are spendy (but worth every penny!)

happy friday! :)

1. bumble and bumble creme de coco.
first of all, love this brand. every one of their products is delightful.
their creme do coco shampoo & conditioner make any shower sesh an escape to heaven.
try some. it will brighten your day in an instant.

2. a shower cap.
yep. one of my favorite beauty products!!!
it's no secret that 'they' say you shouldn't wash your hair everyday.
like i said here, i love easy beauty,
and i love washing my hair every other day or so.
shower caps make this is a cinch!

3. light pink nail polish.
you can't go wrong! it's girly and goes with every outfit!
i love OPI. some fave colors include:
pinking of you, passion, i think in pink
heart throb, bubble bath

4. benefit bene-tint & posie-tint.
once you use liquid blush, you'll never go back to powder again!
this benefit blush works for cheeks and lips, and gives you instant glow!
they even make minis that are perfect for any purse!

5. great primer.
every face needs a primer. (we're not perfect!)
i love the smashbox line. they have one for every type of face.
i use 'blend'.

6. too-faced bronzer.
pretty sure rachel introduced me to this amazing bronzer in college.
it's perfection on your face.
(you especially need this if you live in seattle!)

7. vaseline!
um, i swear i just keep finding more uses for this stuff!
i use it every morning and night to remove eye make-up.
it's a staple for every bathroom.

8. keratase treatment.
if you color, blow-dry, straiten and/or curl your hair ever, it needs some tlc.
i love working a dollop of this into my hair, knowing it's going to be
shinier, healthier and stronger. pretty sure it's a no brainer.

9. body butter.
i've lived in seattle for 8 years.
when the sunshine doesn't show up, you just open this little jar
and it feels like you're laying on the beach in maui.
with that sticky, sandy, sunny, beach bum smell.

10. fake eyelashes.
now, before you judge, let me just say...
i realize this is a little kim kardashian of me.
but after wearing them a few times,
i honestly would wear them everyday if i could.
more on this later! try some.


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