Friday, January 20, 2012


about 5 years ago i heard of a girl named taylor swift.
i didn't really know anything about her, but i didn't like her either.
in my mind, she fell into the annoying teenybopper category with miley cyrus, etc.

5 years later i've actually come to love tswift, her style, and her music.
(partly by heather brannon forcing me to listen to 'dear john' over and over)
in my mind, she has actually has set herself apart (not by amazing vocals)
but by her candid songs that seem to come strait from the pages of her diary
(don't you kind of feel sorry for the girl??)
AND for acting older than her age.
she at least can keep it classy, with clean cut looks and great hair.

love her new vogue cover shoot...


  1. The pics are great but I feel like it hardly even looks like her?!

  2. I love it too!! I love her songs, she is a great writer and performer, not the best voice, but she makes up for it with her talent in other areas that so many other artists are lacking:)


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