Monday, January 30, 2012

party pinwheels

cute party inspiration...
homemade pinwheels!

here's what you'll need:
cute paper
(double sided works great!)
pixie sticks
push pin fasteners (with back)
small cute stickers (optional)


1. measure and cut paper into 5" x 5" squares

2. cut 3.25" slits diagonally towards center

3. push the pin through the first corner of the paper
(be sure to leave enough room so it doesn't rip through the edge)

4. continue poking the push pin through each opposite corner
until every other corner is gathered into the middle

5. poke push pin through the very center of the back of the pinwheel

6. press through the top of a pixie stick
(careful not to create a hole where the candy will spill!)
secure back

7. place sticker on the middle of the silver pushpin if your heart desires

8. have fun!
i made valentine versions and moustache versions :)


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