Friday, January 13, 2012

top ten things i want right now!

i can't help myself! crazy about all these things.
want them yesterday! ;)

1. faux fur vest with bow by asos
you guys, give me a break - this is SO cute!
perfect with any outfit this winter.

2. leopard print scarf.
(this one's from nordstrom)
i'm obsessed with leopard right now.
classy leopard fashion includes one piece only, and with muted colors...
example: flats, cardigan, scarf, maybe a headband. you get the idea. :)

3. chunky black or gold watch.
i love watches. i would have 50 if i could afford it!
my favorite brand is michael kors,
but you can't go wrong with any of the choices at nordstrom.
bonus: great guy watches they'll actually want to wear!

 4. a cute loafer bootie.
this is the perfect way to spice up any outfit.
i love that this is so edgy and preppy all at the same time.
(thank you nordstrom!)

5. a kitchenaid mixer.
i know i'm supposed to wait to get this coveted
kitchen product until i get married/register, but i NEED this!
my mom always taught me to distinguish between
needs and wants and this is most definitely a need! :)

6. some black and white chevron print!
not only do a love a bold bangle, i also love black and white!
this perfect little creation is from one of my favorite stores (banana republic)
they have great work clothes, and the petite pants fit my bod perfectly.
no hemming necessary! :)
7. a fun dress that can go from day to night.
if you're like me, one minute you're at work,
the next minute you're on you're on your way to happy hour.
and it's nice to feel not totally out of place at either.
i love a dress. it's a no fuss outfit all wrapped up in one piece.
thank you banana republic!

8. the take me anywhere tote!
this bag is calling my name.
it's saying - i'm great for your laptop, your notebook,
your overnight stuff, your carry on, your sunday!
me? i'm saying - i love you, perfect classy tote from BR :)

9. colorful chandelier earrings.
i stumbled upon this amazing designer, kendra scott, at nordys.
they have amazing designs and colors.
i think christina might even pick a white pair as her wedding earrings.

10. a super casual black/white dress.
alright, time for confessions.
i'm almost embarrassed to say that i have a new favorite store....
yes, the loft. i can't lie about it any longer... it's just so great!
great prints, great stripes, great cheap jewelry.
i'm not even kidding. check it out!
you might even find something as magical as this fab dress! :)


have a wonderful weekend!



  1. love my KitchenAid, I don't know what I'd do without it. I agree it's definitely a need! :)

  2. Ohhh yes to so many things. And I want a kitchen aid mixer now, in red, lets save up haha

  3. rachie! yes! a need for sure! hope all is well! love your blog! want more posts!!!

    candice, yes! piggy bank for a mixer!


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