Saturday, January 21, 2012

oh olivia

when you think of a modern day style icon, who comes to mind?
for me, there are only a handful, and the gorgeous olivia palermo is one of them.

wow. i have a fashion crush on her style. her look is timeless, girly, and polished.

she always looks flawless. i want to be her! here are my top ten favorite olivia looks:

1. black & white striped with a statement necklace. perfect hair to boot.

2. LBD with girly ruffles & detailing, with a swept back bun.

3. classic dress mixing navy, plaid, sheet sleeves & a bow. (how are her curls always perfect?!)

4. love this ruffled black skirt with tights. topped off with a girly paisley blouse. 

5. daisy duke black shorts, preppy top with boy and a cami. yes please!

6. all black, with fur vest, cut flats, and perfect accessorises. 

7. i want to look like this when i go to work every day.
amazing black stilettos, skinnys, a great black bag,
a tuxedo blazer, complimented by a ruffled white blouse.

8. perfect weekend outfit? all black with shorts and a great bag. easy breezy.

9. love the blue & black together. i want to wear this
outfit every friday night for the rest of my life.

10. edgy with a structural skirt & booties with a satin bow.

be honest, don't you want to be best friend with her???


  1. Barf Christine!! DId you even watch 'the city'? She is horrible and has no personality and is so mean and bleh!! She is pretty and has good style, but can't stand her!! :)

    1. hahaha! okay, i didn't say she was the coolest girl in the world. LOL. just super cute :) (yes, i did watch the city like once or twice!) :)

  2. hahaha i was gonna say yeah, i hated her on the city. sure she's cute but a total b. at the same time.... i totally copy her look....


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